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92% of Babbel users improve their language proficiency in just 2 months.**

* Voucher is for an additional 6-month subscription to learn one of 14 languages available when a 6-month subscription is purchased at the regular applicable price (6+6). After the initial 12 months (6+6), the subscription will automatically renew for further 6-month periods for the original price unless you cancel any time until 48 hours before the next renewal. Offer available until 31.12.2022. Information on the Right of Withdrawal for consumers and the Terms & Conditions can be found at https://about.babbel.com/en/terms. Offer only available to new Babbel customers. Babbel GmbH, Andreasstrasse 72, 10243 Berlin. Have a question? Email us at support@babbel.com.

**Vesselinov, R. and Grego, J. The Babbel Efficacy Study. New York 2016.

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Get six months free with the purchase of a six-month subscription*

6 months for free

Get six months free with the purchase of a six-month subscription* 

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6 months for free

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Learn how to navigate real, everyday situations in your new language. With Babbel, you'll only learn practical and useful skills that you can apply right away and quickly meet your goal of having real-world conversations.

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To ensure you are successful on your language-learning journey, over 150 language experts have developed unique, scientifically proven methods that will easily and naturally seal your knowledge. You’ll learn a language, not just words.

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Hone your pronunciation using speech recognition, build your conversation skills with engaging, interactive dialogues, and get helpful grammar tips while you practise reading, writing, and listening.

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Feel immersed in the culture through engaging learning experiences that reinforce knowledge and help you retain what you've learnt. Maximise your learning success by mixing and matching activities such as interactive lessons, podcasts, games, and more.

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92% of users improved their proficiency in just 2 months.**

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